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Snap-on Industrial rebrands as Williams

Striving to tap into the “workhorse” line of tools that have long represented the Williams brand, Snap-on Industrial Brands will now be known as Williams.

Williams Industrial, Tools@Height Product LineSymbolic of the Williams brand, the workhorse prides itself on putting its head down, working hard and delivering valuable results. This same level of dedication is found in all Williams tools. Williams is designed for industrial technicians who rely on strong, trusted tools that are engineered to withstand the demanding needs of harsh environments.

"Williams has a rich history of working with industrial professionals since 1882. Today with world-class factories across the United States, our tools are ready to work; offering a wide-variety of hand tools, Tools@Height, torque tools, as well as industrial hydraulics and more," according to a press release announcing the rebranding. "Focusing on industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing, maintenance, power generation, mining, assembly, facility maintenance and metal fabrication, our tools are performing alongside hardworking professionals every day. Whether it’s micrometer adjustable torque wrenches, flextensions, adjustable pliers, Supertorque screwdrivers, prybars, hi-vis combination wrenches, 1/2" impact sockets and more, Williams brings an industrial-grade engineered workmanship to jobs in critical industries."

Williams purposefully built assortment features more than 8,000 SKUs; specific tool categories include:

• Torque tools
• Sockets and drive tools
• Wrenches
• Tool storage
• Master tool sets
• Tools for the trade
• Pliers
• Screwdrivers
• Tools@Height
• Hammers
• Pipe tools
• C-clamps
• Hydraulics
• Punches and chisels
• Prybars
• Insulated tools

Learning about Williams products and selecting the right tool for the job by heading over to our Williams Industrial brand section for all your Tools@Height needs.

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