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Are there General User Instructions for 3M Fall Protection for Tools Products?

Fall Protection for Tools products are part of a workplace fall protection plan. It is expected that all users be fully trained in the safe installation and operation of these products. Misuse of this device could result in serious injury or death. For proper selection, operation, installation, maintenance, and service, refer to these User Instructions and all manufacturer recommendations, see a supervisor or contact 3M Technical Service.

To reduce the risks associated with working at height with tools which, if not avoided, could result in serious injury or death:

Fall Protection for Tools (FPFT)

  • For tools weighing more than 5 pounds (2.26 kg), do not connect to your body unless explicitly authorized per the FPFT User Instructions.
  • Never use FPFT products as part of a personal fall arrest or restraint system.
  • Never exceed the allowable capacity for any components of your FPFT system.
  • Before each use, inspect the FPFT product in accordance with the inspection guidelines.
  • Any FPFT product that has been subject to fall arrest forces must be immediately inspected for damage prior to continued use.
  • Never modify or alter the FPFT product.
  • Never make a modification to a connected tool or product that will result in a deviation from the manufacturer’s recommendation or specification.
  • Never attach FPFT lanyards or attachment points to a tapered surface.
  • Never make tool attachments in a manner that would allow the FPFT product to be unintentionally disconnected.
  • Do not tie or knot the FPFT tool lanyard. Only employ attachment methods shown in the User Instructions.
  • Do not attempt to extend the length of the FPFT product by connecting multiple lanyards, retractors, or tethers together.
  • Do not use the product if it will interfere with the safe working condition, or operation, of any personal fall protection product or system.
  • Ensure the FPFT tool lanyard is kept free from any and all obstructions including, but not limited to, entanglement with other workers, yourself, and surrounding objects.
  • Never wrap FPFT components around rough or sharp edges.
  • Do not use the FPFT product if it will interfere with the safe working condition, or operation, of the connected tool or equipment.
  • Use extra precautions around moving machinery (e.g., top drive of oil rigs), electrical hazards, extreme temperatures, chemical hazards, explosive or toxic gasses, rough or sharp edges, or overhead materials that could damage the user or equipment.
  • Some subsystem and component combinations may interfere with the operation of this FPFT product. Only use compatible connections. Consult 3M prior to using this FPFT product in combination with components or subsystems other than those described in the User Instructions.
  • All connected tools and equipment, including connection points, must be compatible for use with FPFT devices, and properly maintained and inspected in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Ensure there is adequate tool drop clearance. Tool fall/swing path must not endanger you, other workers, or any surrounding equipment or materials.
  • Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment when installing, using, or inspecting the FPFT product/system.
  • Never use a direct flame in the application of FPFT Heat Shrink. Only use a heat gun.
  • (FOR LIFT BAGS AND SAFE BUCKETS) Ensure no body parts, clothing, or equipment are caught when attaching to a crane or other mechanical lifting device.
  • All procedures shown in this instruction are for FPFT products only.
  • Report all incidents of dropped tools to your supervisor or safety coordinator
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