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What do I need with my DEWALT Lanyard-Ready™ Power Tools to be ready to work at heights safely?

All you need with your DEWALT Lanyard-Ready™ Power Tool is a Lanyard or Tether.
You will need to connect this lanyard to the Lanyard-Ready™ Attachment Point on the tool and then to a secure off-body anchor point in your work area.

Off-body anchor points are required for tool or item 5 lbs. or over. This essentially requires all power tools to be fixed to a secure rigid structure or off-body anchor point.

The Lanyard-Ready™ attachment point has several features to make working with it very simple.

  • An integrated lanyard attachment point which works with any multi-action carabiner
  • A 2-stage carabiner for a secure hold which can be easily un-hooked for charging
  • An integrated lanyard strap to secure the battery to the tool

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DEWALT Lanyard-Ready™ Features

Working at Height presents unique pitfalls that require proper tool drop prevention equipment and solutions.

Tanner is uniquely positioned to provide these best-in-class DeWalt Lanyard-Ready™ Power Tools with integrated attachment points. Please find the following solutions below: (products/links)

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