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What does DEWALT Lanyard-Ready™ mean?

DEWALT Lanyard-Ready™ Tools

DEWALT Lanyard-Ready™ Power Tools provides an integrated tool drop safety feature offering a tether ready attachment point on select power tools. Using these attachment points to properly tether your power tool allows your tool to be safely anchored to off-body, rigid structures on the job site. This is critical when working at heights and leading-edge to prevent tools from becoming a potentially disastrous drop hazard. Any drop is dangerous let alone OSHA incident reports, fines & injury for those on and around the job site.

DEWALT Lanyard-Ready™ Features

  • The integrated lanyard attachment point works with any multi-action carabiner
  • 2-stage carabiner for a secure hold yet can be un-hooked from attachment point to charge the battery
  • The integrated lanyard strap has a lanyard that secures the battery to the tool

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DEWALT Lanyard-Ready™ Power Tools

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